Antasma casting a spell.

Antasma is the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He kidnapped Peach and formed an alliance with Bowser so that they can take over Pillo Island and then rule the world. During the time of Pillo Kingdom, Antasma was nothing more than a bat living on Pillo Island but one day, he fed on the nightmares of a Pillo folk turning him into the horror he is now. Antasma and Bowser made several plots to take over the island and the world throughout the game such as creating a colossal castle called Neo Bowser Castle and absorbing energy off Pillo Island residents using the Dreambeats and many more. Later on in the game however near the end, Bowser betrays Antasma and reveals that he was using him all along claiming Peach, the Dream Stone, the Castle, and the power all for himself. He then leaves Antasma alone who proceeds to mention his desires to kill Bowser, Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert. Dreambert and Antasama clash and battle in the same way as they did 1000 years ago. Antasma ends up winning the brawl leaving Dreambert barely conscious making Mario jump through the dream portal to finish off Antasma. After Mario and Dreamy Luigi finish him off he inflates like a balloon and then explodes.


First BattleEdit

  • HP = 4
  • POW = 0
  • DEF = 0
  • SPEED = 1


  • When Antasma was first revealed, many fans believed that he looked like (and possibly was) a combination between Cackletta and the Dark Star.
    • As a result of this, many fans also went onto claim that he could be linked to the Dark Star or even be Cackletta's ancestor (or both) and that he could literally be anything from the past (Mario & Luigi games).


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