M&L Character
Baby Bowser



First Appearance:

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Baby Bowser is a character appearing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


As Bowser's baby form, Baby Bowser was a very bratty and spoiled child. All he really wants to do is kidnap Baby Peach and defeat Baby Mario.


Baby Bowser can do almost everything Bowser can do. Baby Bowser spits fireballs and when he is with Bowser, he can throw a mushroom in the air to heal Bowser and himself. He can also hammer Bowser while he is in his shell form.


Overall, Baby Bowser is a spoiled brat. He can get very angry sometimes, and at other times he lacks common sense, and is also a tad unintelligent and dimwitted, for he didn't know who his older self was and neither did Bowser .


Prince Bowser Idle

In his first battle:

HP: 20

Power: 12

Defense: 16

Speed: 9

In his second battle:

HP: 640 (700)

Power: 100 (120)

Defense: 75 (73)

Speed: 90 (89)

The stats in brackets are from the Japanese and European versions of the game.

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