260px-Unnamed Pi'llow Artwork - Mario & Luig Dream Team

Bedsmith posing in his Mario & Luigi: Dream Team artwork.

first appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where he is, of course, a bedsmith. However, his job is crucial to Mario, Luigi, and Prince Dreambert's quest. He is tasked with making the Ultibed. The Ultibed is the only way to visit the Zeekeeper of Dreamy Somnom Woods. A strange aspect of Bedsmith is that he wants to sleep on Dreambert.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

In order to reach the Zeekeeper, Mario and Luigi must collect the five Zee Parts of the Ultibed. After collecting these parts, they discover Bedsmith is in the hands of Pi'illoper of Wakeport. Once Bedsmith is freed from the Nightmare Chunks, he constructs the Ultibed at his Somnom Woods workshop. In order to get to the perfect resting spot, Mario and Luigi must climb a giant, long tree maze. Bedsmith "assists" them during their maze trip. He is not seen for the rest of the game except for the final group photo.