Big Massif at Dreamy Wakeport.

Big Massif
is a major character in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team who acts a tour guide of Mount Pajamaja which begins at Wakeport. He has dreams about followers which include Heavy Zest, Beef Cloud, Thunder Sass, and Sorrow Fist. It is unknown if these are actually real Hooski.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit


Big Massif and Lil' Massif speaking about beef while Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Dreambert watch.

Big Massif's brother, Lil' Massif is describing the dangers of the tour to Mount Pajamaja when everyone that signed up leaves of fright. Lil' Massif explains to Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Prince Dreambert that he can not do the tour without his brother. That is when the search for Big Massif begins. The Bros. eventually find Big Massif passed out and they have to enter his dream. In Big Massif's dream, he is portrayed as a strong man who can lift a giant boulder. His followers must be fought in the Beef-Off before the Bros. proceed to fight Dreamy Big Massif.

After Dreamy Big Massif is defeated, he wakes up in the real world and joins his brother to start the tour. During the tour up Mount Pajamaja, they show off a lot of moves and teach Mario and Luigi many of them. Big Massif and Lil' Massif, having scaled the mountain before, remember to go quietly around a beast named Mammoshka. Luigi sneezes and Mammoshka must be fought.

Near the end of the tour, Antasma and Bowser can be seen plotting an evil plan. Big Massif and his brother do not want to get involved with the evildoers so they stop the tour while Mario and Luigi go ahead. The only other time Big Massif is seen besides the very end, is where he acts as a shopkeeper (like Brickle) along with his brother at Dreamy Mount Pajamaja.

Big Massif also loves to talk about beef as shown by the picture. It is unknown why both him and his brother love it so much.

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