Blablanadon is a dinosaur like creature living on Hoohoo Mountain in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


The Mario Bros. first encountered Blablandon at the top of HooHoo mountain. He is sitting on the egg of Dragohoho. Upon hatching, Dragohoho flings Blablandaon away and fights Mario and Luigi. After defeating the monster, Blablandon returns will offer to give Mario and Luigi rides to the top of the mountain whenever they like, but they must climb down the mountain by themselves every time.

When Bowletta terrorizes the Beanbean Kingdom using Bowser's Castle, Blablandon will fly Mario and Luigi up to it and wait at the entrance in case the bros. need to go back down.


  • Blablandon is believed to be a pterodactyl, a now extinct flying dinosaur.

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