450px-Brickle Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Brickle, holding both a wrench and carrot.

is a Brock who first appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the proprietor of Mushrise Park which is located at Pi'illo Island. He is first shown yelling orders at a random Brock worker of Mushrise Park. Brickle can be rash and gets very angry at his employees much like Britta from Dozing Sands. He has a Bronx accent in the way Broque Monsieur has a French one. 

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

Brickle is first seen at Mushrise Park shouting at workers before he reveals to Mario, Luigi, and Starlow that he has a pillow. This happens to be Eldream's pillow. He runs away with the pillow, wanting to have a historical artifact. He later gets trapped tightly in a Zeekeeper fountain but the Bros. save him. Brickle finally agrees to give them the pillow, and in a good mood, he gives them 10 attack pieces which gives them the attack 3D Green Shell. He even offers the brothers access to his hut where his Grobot is quickly defeated. 

Dreamy Brickle can be found at Dreamy Mushrise Park where he is attempting to lure Dreambunny with a carrot. He is trying to get Dreambunny to perform as a mascot for Mushrise Park in order to boost tourism. Later, Dreamy Brickle opens a shop at Dreamy Mushrise Park. Shops can also be found at other dreamy locations.

When the Ultibed must be built, Brickle is in trouble as there are a lot of rocks scattered across Mushrise Park.  After breaking all of them, Brickle helps the Bros. find the Mushrise Tree Board piece of the Ultibed. He later goes back to work and is possibly less harsh on the workers as he is shown to be in a happy mood for the rest of the game.