357px-Britta Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Britta with a pickax in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

, like Brickle, is a Brock in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team who resides in Dozing Sands. She has many similarities to Brickle in the way of personality. She always wants her miners to work faster and even makes Mario and Luigi get to work!

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

At Britta's "construction site," she is attempting to find treasure. She is secretly very greedy, and this shows when Torkscrew arrives to steal a pillow. However, before that, Mario and Luigi arrive at Dozing Sands and attempt to explain they are trying to find the Dream Stone. She puts them to work on the Drilldigger so they can break many rocks. She offers to pay them 20 coins per rock but the plumbers never receive their fee.

After several trips to the Dream World, Mario and Luigi find that Torkscrew has trapped Britta in another area. The plumbers beat Torkscrew easily, and Britta (who had been eaten alive) is spat out. Britta is revealed to have many bruises. Miner workers rush to the scene and are shocked when they find Britta "dead." One miner however just wants a raise from poor Britta. She is took to the hospital but soon recovers.

She later finds an unbreakable wall but ignores it. This occurs during Mario and Luigi's quest for the pieces of the Ultibed.

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