Broggy is a monstrous, dog like creature and Broque Monsieur's pet in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story who guards Broque Monsieur. Broggy has his own shop and sells gear because Coins are some what his favorite food. Broggy also appears in a special attack called Broggy Bonker and once Bowser gets all fifteen Blitties, he'll have to scrub Broggy with the stylus until he is clean when Bowser gets an excellent score. The Blitties join in as well but if he isn't cleaned properly, he will attack Bowser, leaving Bowser losing HP. He is Very Strong and is the Last Special Attack of Bowser.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryEdit

Broggy can first be found at Plack Beach where Broque Monsieur comments that his pet is not his usual self. Broggy must fight Bowser after this event. In fact, Broque Monsieur wants Bowser to win the fight so Broggy will learn his place. Broggy's attacks are charging at Bowser and jumping on him. These attacks are easily dodged so Bowser has nothing to worry about. Broggy also has a visible bandage that can only be seen when he turns around. This is his most valuable spot. During this battle, Broggy has 198 HP.

After being defeated by Bowser, Broggy reluctantly reconciles with him and can always be found next to Broque Monsieur. He has his own shop which is where gear is sold. If Bowser receieves all fifteen Blitties and gets the Broggy Bonker, Broggy's Shop is no longer open.

Broggy also makes a cameo at the scene where Bowser is turning into Giant Bowser for an attack on his own castle. He is seen along Broque Monsieur and jumps up and down when he sees Bowser becoming a true threat to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

While Broggy definitely doesn't have as large as role as he does in the previous game, he does appear on the blimp to Pi'illo Island. He reveals a live chat of Dr. Snoozemore to Mario, Luigi, and friends. The area he shows this live chat is behind his bandage, where this is a communication screen. Broggy is also responsible for delivering the letter about Pi'illo Island to Princess Peach and the others.

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