Cackletta, as she appears in the Mario and Luigi series

Cackletta is a Beanish witch from the Beanbean Kingdom. She had plans to awaken the Beanstar with Princess Peach's voice, however, her plans were foiled with the teamwork of Mario and Luigi. She only appears in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, and is currently presumed dead.


Cackletta plays as the antagonist of Superstar Saga. She steals Princess Peach's voice in order to awaken the Beanstar. However, the Mario Bros. defeated her and regained the Beanstar. After being defeated, her crazy sidekick, Fawful, sucks up her spirit. Cackletta's spirit possesses Bowser, who was knocked out, and becomes Bowletta.

As Bowletta, Cackletta instructs the Mario Bros. to give them the Beanstar at Joke's End and give it to her and Fawful in exchange for Princess Peach. The Mario Bros., however, once again foil her plans and end up leaving with the Beanstar and Princess Peach.

Later in the game, the Mario Bros. fight Bowletta in Bowser's Castle. They succeed in this, until they are tricked, blown up by a Time Bob-Omb, and inhaled by Bowletta. Inside her, they fight Cackletta's spirit. After she is destroyed, she disappears and never appears again in the Mario Series. It is likely she perished.

Powers and abilities Edit

Magic: Clacketta is a powerful witch with great destructive magical powers.

  • Electrokinesis: Clacketta can summon lightning by raising her arms.
  • Duplicate: Clacketta can create duplicates of herself to deceive her enemies.
  • Metamorphosis: Clacketta can change her appearance to her will, as when she turns into Mamirico twice.

High intelligence: Clacketta has a great tactical mind. She was able to implement a complex plan to steal the Veget star by effectively manipulating the Mario brothers.