Chucklehuck Woods

Chucklehuck Woods is an area in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is located in the south-west of the Beanbean Kingdom, and is home to forest enemies such as Chuck Guys.

In game apperancesEdit

After Queen Bean gets infected with a Belly Blech Worm by Cackletta, the mario bros travel to the woods to find the cure, some legendary Chuckola Cola. While traviling through here the brothers will encounter Popple and his partner Rookie (who is really an amnesiac Bowser), who are also trying to find the cola. After being defeated, the bros. save Cork and Cask, who teach them the mini mario, and luigi dunk techniques. THe brothers then travel through the forest, gathering chuckola fruits, and battle a Wiggler, when they arrive at the the legendary soda Chuckulator. They battle the chuckulator, and in the end prevail.


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