The complete Cobalt Star

The colbalt star was a star with Blue and turquise colors. The blue star was made out of an unknown type of shining blue crystal. The purpose of this star was to serve as the power source for Professor E. Gadd's Time machine. It could be, and was, broken into six shards by Princess Peach. After a duel between Peach and Elder Princess Shroob, it became a makeshift prison for the Elder Princess of the Shroobs. Peach then splits the Cobalt Star Shard into fragments and at this point Princess Shroob kidnaps Peach. Mario, Luigi, and the babies then discover that the Cobalt Star can defeat the Shrubs so E. Gadd sends them out to collect the remaining shards unaware that the Elder Princess Shroob was trapped inside. Baby Luigi and Kylie Koopa both knew something was amiss and suspicious about the Cobalt Star but the full truth wasn't revealed until it was too late. All the Cobalt Star Shards were assembled and the Elder Princess Shroob was freed.

It's unknown if the Cobalt Star was completely destroyed or if it was split into pieces again although the Elder Princess Shroob did say that the Cobalt Star was no more.

Cobalt Star Shard LocationsEdit