333px-Dr. Snoozemore Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Dr. Snoozemore slouching.

Dr. Snoozemore 
is the proprietor of Pi'illo Island from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He says he is researching the science of sleep on a business trip. He is obviously very interested in sleep as he always falls asleep...even when he is talking!

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

At the beginning of the game, Broggy is revealed to have a live chat-like screen behind his bandage that reveals Dr. Snoozemore, who eventually convinces, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even Toadsworth that the Pi'illo Island trip will be fun and relaxing. After they arrive at the island, a video created by Dr. Snoozemore is shown by Broque Monsieur describing the history of Pi'illo Island and that there is a lost treasure. While Broque Monsieur does not know when Dr. Snoozemore will be back, he confirms that he is on a business trip.

After not seeing Dr. Snoozemore in the game for a long period of time, he can be found at a museum of artifacts in Pi'illo Castle in the flesh for the first time. He instructs the Bros. to build the Ultibed so the Zeekeeper will be summoned.