The Dragohoho is a transformation of Prince Peasley in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Dragohoho is a large dragon in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is at the peak of Hoohoo Mountain and is actually Prince Peasley under Cackletta and Fawful's spell. The Bros. fought and defeated him, unaware that it was really Peasley.

Cackletta and Fawful turned Peasley into Dragohoho so they could sneak into Beanbean Castle, and steal the Beanstar. They sealed Prince Peasley inside an egg and placed it at the top of Hoohoo Mountain. Blablanadon went to the top of the mountain, and when he saw the egg he decided to watch it, not knowing that Dragohoho was inside.

When Mario and Luigi got to the top of Hoohoo Mountain, looking for Hoohoo Blocks they saw the egg. The egg hatched and Dragohoho came out. Dragohoho spat a rock at Blablanadon, sending him flying far away. Mario and Luigi battled the dragon shortly afterward. During the battle, Dragohoho could spit smoldering rocks (possibly Hoohoo Blocks) at the Mario Bros. To determine who he attacks, the player needs to watch if the monster tilts head up or not. If he tilts his head up he will shoot it at Mario, and if he shoots it facing, he will shoot it at Luigi. His head, however, needs to be hit once for it to be dodged. He could even spit out a very large Hoohoo Stone, and then use it as a step. He is very similar to a Rex because of the head needs to be jumped on first. Also the way to determine it is also the way to determine Shroob Rex's fireball attack.

After being defeated, the spell was broken and Dragohoho turned back into Prince Peasley.