Dreambunny holding Eldream's Nightmare Chunk at Dreamy Mushrise Park.

(also called Fluffykins) is the pet of Eldream and likes him so much that he protected Eldream who was in a Nightmare Chunks from Mario and Luigi. In one of the books written by Pi'illoper, Dreambunny is said to have seen Eldream imprisoned, so he laid against the stone and slept next to it so it would be protected.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

Dreambunny is first seen at Dreamy Mushrise Park after Mario, Luigi and Prince Dreambert had finally retrieved Eldream's pillow from Brickle. Dreambunny guards the Nightmare Chunk and carries all across Dreamy Mushrise Park. Dreamy Brickle is trying to catch Dreambunny himself in order for Mushrise Park to get popularity. Dreambunny reluctantly gives it up and Eldream is freed. Along with Eldream, Dreambunny helps the Bros. by creating a path to Dream's Deep. Afterwards, Eldream tells Dreambunny he is going to have a "cuddle session" with him.

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