Dreamy Luigi is a character who first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He replaces Luigi when Mario is in the Dream World. Dreamy Luigi has many transformations and can turn into Giant Dreamy Luigi for some battles. Broque Monsieur explains that Dreamy Luigi is the way Luigi imagines himself.

Luiginary WorksEdit

3DS MarioLuigi3DS 022013 Scrn08

Dreamy Luigi using Sneeze Wind at Dreamy Mushrise Park.

Luiginary Works occur when Dreamy Luigi posses any random object in the Dream World.

Luiginary Stache Tree-(first seen in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle) Luigi possesses a tree. His mustache can be used to fling Mario up to high places.

Sneeze Wind-(first seen in Dreamy Pi'illo Castle) Luigi's nose can be used to make him sneeze, which in turn causes a wind that pushes objects from the background to the foreground.

Luiginary Cylinder-(first seen in Dreamy Dozing Sands) Mario jumps onto a cylinder that moves to another side when Luigi's nose is spun.

Luiginary Speedometer-(first seen in Dreamy Wakeport) Makes Mario move super fast or super slow. The left side of Luigi's stache is slow, the right side is fast.

Luiginary Ice-(first seen in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja) Touching buttons with Luigi's hands causes the climate of the Dream World to change from hot to cold.

Luiginary Gravity-(first seen in Dreamy Driftwood Shore) Rotating Luigi makes Mario move across different surfaces: left, right, top, or bottom

Luigi Antigravity-(first seen in Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle) Touching buttons with Luigi's hands allows Mario to swim across rooms much like he did when he saw Peach being carried at Dreamy Pi'illo Castle.

Luiginoid FormationsEdit

Luiginary Formations occur whenever Dreamy Luigi transforms into an object along with other Luiginoids, which are clones of Luigi created by constellations.

Luiginary Stack-(first seen in Dreamy Dozing Sands)

Luiginary Cone-(first seen in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja)

Luiginary Ball-(first seen in Dream's Deep)

Giant BattlesEdit


Giant Dreamy Luigi fighting Robo-Drilldigger.

Similar to Giant Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Luigi can turn giant and fight certain battles. He forms Giant Dreamy Luigi with the help of other Luiginoids. This is a list of the giant bosses Giant Dreamy Luigi brawls. These enemies can also be fought in the Battle Ring as X versions.

Robo-Drilldigger-is fought at Dreamy Dozing Sands.

Mount Pajamaja-is fought at Dreamy Mount Pajamaja.

Earthwake-is fought at Dreamy Wakeport.

Zeekeeper-is fought at Dreamy Somnom Woods.

Giant Bowser-is fought at Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle.