Durmite Catapillar

The Durmite

is a boss who made her debut in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. She first battles the bros after Bowser eats the Wiggler's Giga Carrot (Of which,  contained Durmite) and then, the player must battle it. When the player has won, they can venture even further to Bowser's Castle and redeem it as his own. Later, when the player is finding the Star Cures, when Doctor Toadley has a Vision of the first Sage. It is found out to be Durmite, The player must then catch Durmite in the Energy Hold, but the Player must beat Yikk Tower In Bubble Lake. After The Player gets to the end of the Energy Hold, He/She will discover Durmite is the Elusive Wisdurm.