347px-Eldream Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Eldream in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

is the wise elder of the Pi'illos and is the oldest Pi'illo known at the time of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is also very fond of animals as he even has a pet called Dreambunny. Eldream is also part-deaf. 

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

During the war with Antasma, Eldream was often looked up to by Prince Dreambert for information. Eldream attempted to seal Antasma away in Dream's Deep, but like the other Pi'illos, became imprisoned in chunks of solid nightmare called Nightmare Chunks.

After Mario and Luigi free Dreambert, the prince requests they immediately free Eldream because he would do well to instruct them on what to do. Unfortunately, the angry Brock at Mushrise Park named Brickle refuses to give up the possesson of the pillow which Eldream was imprisoned in. Mario and Luigi eventually get the pillow after a long chase around Mushrise Park. 

Eldream is saved from the Nightmare Chunks and drills a path into Dream's Deep with the help of Dreambunny, who was guarding Eldream. At Dream's Deep, Dreambert, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach get in a dangerous encounter with both Antasma and Bowser who defeats them. They all fall asleep at Dream's Deep but luckily, Eldream rescues them.

Eldream does not play a huge role in the story after that. He gives the Bros. prizes for how many Pi'illos they rescue if they return to Mushrise Park.

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