The gut check is needed once, and that is before bowser storms his castle for the first time. This area's mini-game is, luckily, is only needed to be played once.

Gut check: how to openEdit

The gut check opens after bowser reaches wiggler's farm and pulls a giant carrot from the ground, thinking it would make a good "bullet bill". Wiggler demands Bowser eat the carrot, because he (and his ancestors) spent millennia on growing the carrot, and wants it to be tasted in the most magnificent tasting. Thus bowser takes a "taste Test", the gut check opens, and the mini game tutorial begins.

Gut check: mini gameEdit

The mini game consists of tapping -COMPELLING GAMEPLAY- and memorization. The basis of the game is to break down the carrot in bowser's stomach. the key component in this mini game is to tap the blocks of carrot to break them down. Every so often bowser's mouth will flash. this means he has swallowed a "vitamin" to aid digestion, and on the same frame that his mouth flashes the block containing the powerup will appear. these powerups are crucial to completing the mini game. They will slowly turn weaker after entering the stomach, so tapping these Immediately will aid you.

Vitamin variationsEdit

The vitamins vary between red, the strongest, yellow, which is mediocre power, and blue which is the worst and will hardly help you.



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