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Mario swinging his hammer

Hammers are one of the Mario Bros. main abilities in the Mario and Luigi Series. They are used to break objects which interfere with the player's progress, and for hitting switches.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Edit

Hammers In Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga are first found in Hoohoo Village after the defeat of Dragohoho. A Hoohoo Block will fall to the village, and fall into the house of Sledge and Mallet. When the player arrives at the village, he/she must go to the House of Sledge and Mallet to get their hammer made. When it is first created, it is unable to break through solid rocks very well. But, when the player goes to Teehee Valley, he/She can go back to the Hammerhead Bros. to upgrade the Brothers' Hammers. When they try to progress to Oho Ocean They must upgrade the Bros' hammers to Ultra Hammers.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in timeEdit


Baby Mario and his hammer.

In Mario and Luigi: Partners in time, Hammers could not be upgraded, but they could break every necessary item to break. They could only be used by Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, though, and not by the older bros. However, the older bros. could help increase the Hammer's power in battle.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryEdit

In Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Hammers did not change that much from their prequel's versions. Although, Bowser's Punch resembles his version of the Hammer, In Dimble Wood, after the Player beats Durmite he/she must go to a certain area to upgrade his punch so it may let him cross small gaps, and break stronger objects.

The way hammers are used in battle in this game were completely changed. Instead of the ways the bros. used them in the first two games, Mario and Luigi must now pull back the hammer. Then, when they pull it back far enough, the player must hit the A or B Button to swing the object at a foe. The better the timing is, the more damage will be given. The Hammers are also used to counter attacks.