Lil massif

Lil' Massif at Wakeport.

Lil' Massif 
is the younger of the Massif brothers which include him and Big Massif. They do tours to Mount Pajamaja starting at Wakeport but they have actually never made it to the top themselves at the time of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He plays a relatively smaller role than his brother, who appears in the Dream World as a boss.

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

Whenever Lil' Massif is advertising the Mount Pajamaja tour, many of the people that signed up leave out of fear. Lil' Massif, being loyal to his brother, says the tour cannot start without Big Massif. This leads to Mario and Luigi having to start the Beef-Off where they have to fight four Hooski in the Dream World. They also have to fight Big Massif himself. After defeating Big Massif, he wakes up in the real world and joins his brother to start the tour.

Lil' Massif, along with his brother, teach the Bros. helpful new moves which include the Spin Jump and Side Drill. Lil' Massif and Big Massif are scared of Mammoshka when they see him late into the Mount Pajamaja climb and are not seen again due to Bowser and Antasma being at the top. They do not want to get involved with any evil schemes the two might be planning.

Whenever Mario and Luigi decide to get the pieces of the Ultibed, Big Massif and Lil' Massif accompany them and teach them the Ball Hop move. 

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