Mario Bros. is the second game in which Mario had appeared in. It took place in the sewers under Brooklyn, New York and was about two plumbers (Mario and Luigi) who had to get all the monsters out of the pipes. Even though the game is not part of the Mario & Luigi series, Mario Bros. was included with Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The object is to kill all the enemies around the course. After beating an enemy, a Coin will pop out of a pipe to make the player's score go higher.


The control pad is used to move. The "A" button is used to jump. The player must jump underneath the ground that a Koopa is standing on, and then run into it.



  • Unlike the original version, the version of this game found in Superstar Saga allows to to jump high by holding down on the control pad and pressing "A"
  • This version of Mario Bros. is also available in all the Mario Advance Games.

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