The Nintendo DS (short for Nintendo Devoloper's System) is the first of Nintendo's four handheld DS consoles. It was released in 2004, along with one of its first games, Super Mario 64 DS. It is the first in the Nintendo DS series.

The DS allows players to use the new touch screen to play games. The X and Y buttons were also added for more intense gameplay. Because of the DS's new 3-D graphics, Nintendo 64 games were made as remakes and playable on the DS system. Game Boy Advance games could also be played on the DS in it's second slot on the bottom. Picto Chat was also on the DS, where players could chat with friends via wireless connection, along with DS Download Play, where players could play multiplayer wirelessly.

Mario and Luigi games for the DS Edit

Note: These games can also be played on the other three DS systems

Trivia Edit

  • A demo of Metroid Prime Hunters was sometimes available with the DS console when the system was first released.