Petey Piranha

An unused battle animation for Petey.

Petey Piranha is a boss in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. He first found in the Koopaseum where he eats Princess Peach. He later eats Kylie Koopa and is fought Underground. He is the third boss of the game.

In battle, Petey Piranha limits the attacks you can use as some won't work due to his status. Whenever he's flying, you can only use air-range attacks while whenever he's in the ground, you can only use ground-range attacks (due to his teeth as he'll bite you if you do). He attacks by dive bombing on the ground and dropping rocks at the bros. If he flips down to the ground, both rocks will come out at once but if he goes head-first, one will go for Mario and the other will go for Luigi. During points of the fight, he will occasionally drop his body in the sand below sticking his head out. He will use a Ptooie to attack you and the bros. will have to repeatedly whack it as it comes their way to kick it off it's string. Another attack Petey will preform is he will dunk his head in the sand and turn it into quicksand forcing the bros to rapidly jump to avoid being sucked in. If a bro is sucked into the quicksand, Petey will spit him out thus doing damage.

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in TimeEdit

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  • Petey Piranha is the first major boss in the game to not use high defense and have a tactic to drop it.


  • HP = 1300 (1000)
  • POW = 90 (100)
  • DEF = 72 (69)
  • SPEED 50 (52)

Stats in brackets are from the Japanese and European versions of the game.