455px-Dreambert Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Dreambert casting a spell.

Prince Dreambert
 makes his first appearance in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the leader of the Pi'illos. Long ago, he was petrified by Antasma on Pi'illo Island but was later freed by Mario and Dreamy Luigi. He was trapped within a Nightmare Chunk at Dreamy Pi'illo Castle. He wants the Bros. to find the other trapped Pi'illos at the island and is usually the one hosting the tutorials. 

Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamEdit

Dreambert is trapped within a Nightmare Chunk at Dreamy Pi'illo Castle and is in a hurry after being freed. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow find him at Mushrise Park where is frantic to find other Pi'illos. Mario and Luigi offer to help while they seek Princess Peach as well. Dreambert happily agrees and accompanies the Bros. on their quest.

Later at Dream's Deep, Dreambert meets his old enemy Antasma for the first time since he was imprisoned in a Nightmare Chunk. Even with the help of Dreamy Luigi, Mario was not able to defeat Antasma who teams up with Bowser. With the help of Eldream, elder of the Pi'illos, Dreambert and the others are transported out of Dream's Deep and back to Mushrise Park. 

Near the end of Mount Pajamaja, Dreambert introduces Warp Pipes to the Bros. Starlow gets angry because Dreambert had known about Warp Pipes throughout the whole adventure but had never told them about it. Dreambert and Starlow get into an argument off screen.

Finally, at Neo Bowser Castle, Dreambert faces off against Antasma for a short period of time in order to get the Dream Stone. Unfortunately, Dreambert loses the fight so Mario and Luigi are left alone to fight. The Bros. also later fight Dreamy Bowser who engulfed a piece of the Dream Stone. Dreambert eventually regains consciousness and celebrates the return of all the Pi'illos to Pi'illo Island.

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