Princess Shroob

Princess Shroob, as she appeared in the Mario and Luigi series

Princess Shroob is the second in command of the Shroob army. Along with Elder Princess Shroob, she attacked the Mushroom Kingdom and took over it.


Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeEdit

Princess Peach trapped The Elder Princess Shroob in the Cobalt Star. As a result, Princess Shroob attacked princess Peach. Princess Shroob then began to take over the past Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi from the present teamed up with their baby selves to stop Princess Shroob. Princess Shroob sent all three Shrooboids to the Mario Bros. They are Junouir Shrooboid, Shrooboid Brat, and Elder Shrooboid. Princess Shroob fought the Mario Bros, and lost. Somehow, during the events of m&l rpg#3!!! Mario and Luigi find a shroob boss in a cold-storage room outside of Bowser. On the ceiling, you can see millions of shroobs stuck to the walls. In the center of the clump is the Princess Shroob, who appears to be thawing. Although it is not known, many Mario enthusiasts believe this to be a hint of a 4th rpg in the making.


Princess Shroob is very selfish, caring over power than her own sister (who cares for her). This makes sense because she made no effort to fix the Cobalt Star and is tired of being second in command and second best to her sister. She also sees joy in the pain of others, as shown when the Koopa Cruiser was shot down, Peach being eaten by Petey Piranha, Mario and the gang falling into Gritzy Cave and off the Mother Ship with Kaylie Koopa. But she does seem to care and show concern for her subjects than her sister does. But after the Mother Ship was shot down by the Mario Bros. and the babies, she went insane, derange, and mentally unstable, likely fed up with their meddling in her plans in conquest on the Mushroom Kingdom. This lead to her downfall and death.







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