Psycho Kamek is an odd hypnotsist who has currently only appeared in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. When Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach go to Little Fungitown, the bros. are told by the princess to rest and relax, in which Mario and Luigi go to the game arcade. There, Mario and Luigi play a minigame. Later, the Bros. win an Invincishroom by beating the high score. Mario then eats the mushroom, only to pass out.Mario is rushed to the hospital. The doctor says to Luigi and Peach that if Mario is not cured, in three days he will turn into a bean. The doctor states that the only cure is Crabbie Grass. To everyone's dismay, the doctor was all out of it. He saysthere is still hope, for Crabbie Grass grows in Guffawha Ruins. Luigi is ready to go until the doctor points out that there is a killer monster there. Luigi, overcome with fear, doesn't want to go. Peach however eventually forces him into going. Luigi sets out to go help his brother. Unfortunately, Luigi is scared out of his shoes. Going into a hypnotist's house, he finds Psycho Kamek. Psycho Kamek sees there is a similarity between him and Mario. Psycho Kamek is the only character in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga who doesn't reappear in the remake instead he is replaced by Dr. Toadley from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.