Rules== Don't think there are none. There are. Please follow them on all Wikia's wiki. Even outside of this wiki Rules go for admins too


It is allowed but don't use the really bad ones You will get warnings for the first After you get punished so you probably shouldn't curse at all. Don't slip past swear censors

1st and 2nd warning

3rd 1 week ban 4th 1 month 5th 0.25 year

6th 0.5 year  7th 1 year ban

8th and higher indefinite


No bulling anybody what so ever on all of Wikia's wikis.  You get 3 offenses. NO WARNINGS 1st 0.5 year ban                 2nd 1 year                                                        3rd and higher indefinite


All / are user/ admins

1st warning 2nd 1 week/ 2 week ban 3rd 1 month/3 month 4th 0.5 year/1 year 5th and higher indefinite

Sex categoriesEdit

No gender saying male and female  All will be reverted

1st warning 2nd 1 month ban 3rd 0.5 year ban 4th 1 year ban 5th and higher indefinite

Editing UserpagesEdit

You may not edit another users page without their permission. If so there will be consequences.

1st and 2nd warning

3rd 1 week ban

4th 1 month

5th 0.25 year ban

6th 0.5 year ban

7th 1 year

8th and higher indefinite

Personal stuffEdit

You may not give out passwords phone numbers adresses and age is not acceptable. Punishments will be faced. No warnings for askers. Please report this right away if someone asks you.

1st People who don't have a account or askers 0.5 year ban 2nd or higher indefinite 

1st - 4th warning 5th and higher 2 week ban givers

If you don't have a account and you get banned indefinitely wikia will block your computer or phone from entering their website until they un ban you.


No non-related comments all will be reverted

1st warning 2nd 1 year 3rd and higher indefinite

Unbanning Edit

If you are banned and the admin thinks you deserve another chance they'll do it but if you keep asking you will recieve a longer ban Ex 1 week to 2 weeks Please don't do that It annoys our workers.


Please don't flood the post serious consequences will be given out

1st warning 2nd 1 month 3rd 1/2 year 4th and higher indefinite


None at all all will be removed

1st removal and warning 2nd removal and 1 month ban 3rd 3 month and removal 4th 1 year and removal 

5th and higher indefinite ban


Please don't remove warnings on pages

1st warning 2nd 1 month ban 3rd 0.5 year ban 4th 1 year ban 5th and higher indefinite

What is my punishmentEdit

You will get banned from logging in

But what if I have to log in and I can't waitEdit

TOO BAD You'll have to wait and learn your lesson. Don't do it next time.


You may not copy another article from another source. I's against the law. You may only copy from Wikipedia.

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