The Sea Pipe Statue is a boss found in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario and Luigi: Super Saga. He is the first major boss Bowser encounters and is fought at Plack Beach. The statue has a variety of attacks for both Mario, Luigi and Bowser.

Attacks And StatsEdit

The Sea Pipe Statue has many different attacks. It has a total of over 210 HP.

Attacks Against BowserEdit

  • Launches the Stone Blooper straight at Bowser.
  • Launches the Blooper into the air which falls to Bowser from the other side.

Attacks Against the Bros.Edit

  • Floats slowly and falls, then moves on top of the Bros. It then falls down, attempting to hit The Bros.
  • Points at the Bro. it is going to hit and starts moving quickly in either brother's direction.

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