Shroob Rex

Shroob Rexes are enemies from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They are Shroobified versions of Rexes.

Attacks and AppearanceEdit

This purple dinosaur is found in Shroob Castle. It, technically, has three phases. The first is when it's big. After stomping its head once, it will shrink a little bit. Hit it a second time and it will shrink a second, and final, time. It has three attacks, the first is a ground pound that creates shockwaves. Its next attack is a rolling fire ball. It takes the hammer to block it. It can either shoot two at once at the bros or just shoot one and will require one bro to hammer it and it will then move to the other bro forcing that bro to hammer it to destroy it. The third attack is a counterable dash attack and it's most used attack. The dash cannot be dodged on its "big" size which can be really annoying to players in some cases.


  • HP = 200
  • POW = 160 (150)
  • DEF = 120 (130)
  • SPEED = 62


  • Shroob Rexes are never encountered in the overworld, you must engage in battle with other enemies in order to fight them.
    • Shroob Rexes are also the only enemies in the entire game that aren't encountered in the overworld at all.