Sockops are strange shoe-like enemies found in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They are only found in the western areas of Dimble Wood.


Sockops only have one attack, although it can be dangerous if the Mario Bros. don't time their jumps. When they attack they simply run up in front of the targeted brother (thus, this is the sign to get a button ready) pause, then charge. The Bro. must jump over the Sockop as if they attempt to jump on top of it, they will get trapped inside, and slowly take damage from the Sockop poison until the brother's button is pressed enough times(this goes for the jump attack too).


  • The Sockops might be a reference to the Kuribo Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3, as both are green objects that resemble a type of footwear. A Sockop is even ridden at one point.

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