Vim Tubes

Vim is the life force of the Toad species. Without it, the Toads will die. Toads captured in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time had their Vim cruelly siphoned off in Toadwood Forest's trees, and sent to power Shroob UFOs. Swiggler can drink Vim to become more powerful. The Elder Princess Shroob can also drink Vim and she will recover 120 HP. After the defeat of the Shroobs, it is more than likely that life was restored to all the affected Toads.


  • If Vim is the life force of Toad's it could be possible that this is their blood especially as they can't live without it but unlike actual blood vim is green.
  • When playing the game if you look in the tubes at Vim Factory where the Vim is being transferred, you can see some sad Toad Spirits.